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A new car dealership can profit greatly by having a separate website that focuses on their service department. This does not do away with their regular website – it’s simply adding a new service department site in addition to their main site.

Here are some reasons why:

Online visibility:

First of all, when a consumer does a Google search for auto repair, more often than not, the first sites that come up are the local repair shops – ahead of the dealer’s – because their sites keywords are outranking the dealers for service and maintenance searches.

Having a separate website for the service shop can help offset this problem.

By having a  dedicated website with content which is only about their repair and maintenance services, auto dealers can rank better and increase their visibility.

Targeted marketing:

A separate website also enables the dealership to focus their marketing efforts on their repair and maintenance services. This can help to target consumers who are specifically looking for the best place to get work done on their car, rather than diluting their message by promoting both sales and service on the same site.

Easily find services:

Next, a separate website for the service shop allows consumers to easily find and access the information they’re looking for. Dedicating a website to auto repair immediately displays content which can help them make a decision about where to take their car.

A better user experience:

Having a separate website enhances the consumers experience because it provides an easy- to- navigate platform devoted solely to auto repair. In today’s climate the benefits of making things fast and easy cannot be overemphasized. Today’s digital age buyers want what they want NOW – i.e., the faster the better. Providing that for them can increase the chance of a sale today – and also increase the chance of gaining repeat business.

Enhanced credibility:

A  dedicated website can immediately highlight the repair shops technicians, along with their certifications and endorsements. This can help increase consumer confidence in the ability of the specialists to find the problem and fix their vehicle.

Increased  profit:

By promoting their service shop on a separate website, the dealership can increase profits from their repair and maintenance services. This can be important during any slow periods of new car sales, as the service shop has the potential to be a consistent source of revenue for the dealership.

In summary, a separate website devoted solely to the dealership’s service shop can give a number of benefits, including enhancing the dealership’s search ranking for auto repair related requests, and helping them to show up closer tom the top of the search results where most sales are made. This is because an increase in online visibility brings more targeted prospects to their website, a better user experience, enhanced credibility, and increased profits.

If you’d like to consider a separate website for the service shop to help improve your dealership’s Google ranking for auto repair-related searches, engage us using the chat button on the bottom left of this site, or contact us here.

NOTE: A dedicated website doesn’t replace or do away with the dealers current site ( which stays exactly as it is). This is in addition to. It’s a site designed to rank higher in search results when consumers are looking for auto repair and maintenance services.



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